Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quality Cost Cutting Methodologies

Cost cutting here, cost cutting there, cost cutting everywhere.. Cost cutting has affected our lives (salaries) so much. I have decided to post some quality cost cutting methodologies for companies here

  1. Loo cannot be used for free. For liquid collect Rs.1 and for solid collect Rs.2. In case of both collect Rs.1.50 saying it is an attractive offer!
  2. Find the ppl who r on bench and make them collectors!
  3. Charge foreigners in Euros! Why only Euros? - because the price doesnt fall!
  4. Provide some value added services and make profit from it - Allow the 100th employee of everyday to do it for free. This can attract employees!
  5. Provide some happy moments during festivals to keep employees happy - Create a new initiative called "festivate" where if u use the loo once during diwali, u can use it 2 more times for free during the next half an hour!
  6. After a few years open it to public!
  7. Tie up with other companies and give the employees of that company some discount (like 50 paise)
  8. Think about some innovative ideas to increase customers like designer tissue papers - Probably some models photo in gents toilet and a foreign cricketer's photo in girls.. this will attract more customers
  9. Provide a membership card for regular customers and give them some valuable gifts like gulab jamun mix every year.
  10. If the recession continues kick out the collectors (benchers) and control money collection using some software.
  11. If there is more recession provide a time limit after which an alarm rings!
  12. Try to acquire such places all around the world and monopolise this field! Stop doing software work and focus on this area which is providing more profit!
  13. Become a world class organisation!


  1. people will start SCRATCHING their heads before going to loo

  2. Superb analysis...
    Nice collection.

    Its ok if people start scratching their heads before going to loo. But think about if they start scratching their heads after they are back from loo (without washing their hands.. yuk)

  3. Nice innovative ideas, Vinay. There's a lot of strategy and marketing in this post ;)