Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alternative ways to generate energy

Nowadays software professionals scratch their head so much that, I have started wondering whether this could be used to generate energy!

It is estimated that software professionals spend 10% of their time on scratching. This scratching of the head (which follows a horizontal random motion) could be used to generate mechanical energy! This can be used to power up the entire software company. Think about the power we r going to save.

There can be a new vertical in your company for "Power" which can have horizontals like male power, female power, others! You can have the HRs of your company doing more useful work like giving a presentation on - "How to scratch your head effectively to generate more power". This could be a very good value add to your company in times of recession!

Benchers can be asked to scratch their head all through the day (even nights if you plan to have shifts) instead of idling on the bench.

Your company can turn from a non profitable software company to a more profitable major power company!!!

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